Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Two Labs for you

This email was forwarded to me; maybe you can help. I have two labs. I think you need two to.

If you know of someone looking for a beautiful pair of labs to love and care for please contact Sarah @

We are moving in just 2 weeks and unfortunately, I have still not been able to find a good home for Cookie and Coco . We're not able to take our beloved doggies with us and I've been desperately trying to find a home for both of them 'together'. They were raised together and pine without each other.

Both doggies are in great health, have been spayed and have ID chips implanted under the skin. Cookie turned 3 December 10th and Coco will be 3 April 1st.

Cookie is my mellow-yellow, and just loves her tummy rubbed. Coco is adorably funny and lives for her "ball". She also loves the water..... Cookie loves lots of attention. Both doggies are loyal and love to walk.

They have been raised with my 3 kids running around all over the place, and have survived Sammy's constant hugging and love of 'dress-up', so they are fantastic family dogs.

This is by far one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make, but under the circumstances I have no choice.

Please, Please forward these pics to all you know and help me find a great home for these fabulous doggies. They are just adorable and it's heartbreaking to let them go. In a perfect world, I hope that we could find someone local so that we can still keep in touch and visit them. I pray that someone, somewhere can help us keep Cookie and Coco together, and love them just as much as we do.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


Worst Food in America

Men's Health came out with 2009's Worst Food in America. The winner- a large Baskin Robbins Oreo Shake. Take a look at these hall of fame stats:
Baskin Robbins Large Chocolate Oreo Shake
2,600 calories
135 g fat (59 g saturated fat, 2.5 g trans fats)
263 g sugars
1,700 mg sodium
Now if I can only figure how to keep one these babies cold in my special needs bag at Ironman

Day 28 of Ironman- Bike workout, 1:30 total time
2-minutes @ 60RPM seated in aero-bars @ 140HR
4-minutes @ 65-70RPM standing up @ 145HR
6-minutes of seated upright spinning @ 80RPM @ 135HR (easy gear)
repeat 4x's

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bad Wheel

I have a bad wheel. The left one to be exact. So says Chuckie V who followed me around the valley a few weeks ago. In between his witty banter and other Chuckisms, CV shot pictures and videos all morning and expounded his sage like advice. And I listen. Yep, my left leg rotates with the smoothness of a flat tire. I have a major hitch in my giddy. Chuck says it could be hip alignment and an underdeveloped left glut. So tell me, do these shorts make my butt look small?

Day 25 of Ironman- 2 hour run, 1:30 bike
Day 26- Masters swim
Day 27- Core work at the gym, Track workout with Mike- 4x400, 1mile, 2 time thru. I tried to keep my HR under 160

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Nothing brings out the slacker in me like a little rain. Yesterday I had scheduled a fairly heavy workout, a 5 hour ride followed by a short run. A steady morning drizzle set my procrastination wheels in motion. Walk the dogs, coffee and a bagel, tidy up the garage, walk the dogs again. As the morning ebbed closer to noon, I reluctantly decided to opt for the computrainer. A five hour indoor ride is a freaking long time and not my favorite way to spend the day. Of course, soon after I started the weather started to clear and by the time I finished it was actually a little sunny. If I had only waited a little longer.

Day 23 of Ironman- Masters Swim, short run
Day 24- 5 hour ride, 45 min easy run

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gotta Hurt

This is the very reason why you should wear a cup while cycling. A great picture from Daniel Bayer.

Day 22 of Ironman- Today was a top secret workout from Chuckie V. I was sworn to secrecy. All I can say it was done in a gym, lasted about an hour, and I sweated a lot.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bad Wing

It really wasn't much of a surprise. My shoulder hasn't been quite right since my bike accident a few years ago. It has been bugging me more than usual of late so I decided to pop into the local MRIs 'r Us for a look see. Torn rotator cuff and a split biceps tendon. Arthroscopic surgery and 5 months of rehab and I'll be as good as new. But that fun will have to wait until after Ironman. Until then, it will be a little PT and plenty of vitamin suck-it-up.

Day 21 of Ironman- Masters Swim

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!

Happy Inauguration Day!

Day 19 of Ironman- Easy Masters swim and some recovery time form the weekend.
Day 20 - Run- 1 hour, Core work at the gym, Bike- computrainer workout:

1) am/pm) Hard Indoor Ride (1:00) … warming-up for 10 or more minutes and then do the following… (Indoors.)

a) Next, do 5 x single-legged pedaling drills; each for a minute and on each leg (minus the third one, of course.)

b) 20-minutes @ 70RPM @ 145HRavg. Rest 1-min afterward by spinning easy in a light gear.

c) 10-minutes @ 75RPM @ 145HRavg. Rest 1-min afterward, as above.

d) 5-minutes @ 80RPM @ 150+HRavg (PAIN!).

e) 1-minute @ 90+RPM @ the HIGHEST HR YOU CAN GET TO! This, as you can imagine, will hurt.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ultimate Fighting

My dogs having a little fun.
Day 16 of Ironman- AM Masters, easy afternoon spin
Day 17- AM tempo run, 6x 1mile, 1:40 total, PM- bike, 2.5 hours
Day 18- Long ride, 4 hours

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Bailout

The 700 billion dollar bailout package. You may have been wondering, What's in it for me? Buried deep in the bill, Congress threw bicycle commuters a little bone. Basically you can receive a $20/month tax credit if you commute mostly by bicycle to work. You can read the provision here. Finally a piece of pork I can take advantage of.

Day 14 of Ironman- 70 minute run, skipped Masters swim this morning 'cause my shoulder has been bugging
Day 15- Run- 3x10 minutes at 155HR, 1 hour total, Core work at the gym

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

50 on 50

What did you do on your birthday? My buddy Ken ran 50 miles for his 50th birthday. Ken says running maintains his good looks.

Day 13 of Ironman- Core work at the gym, 1:30 bike: 20 minute warmup, 20 minutes @ 135 HR, 10 minutes @ 145HR, 5 minutes @ 150 HR, 1 minute all out

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Run, run, run, "Oh look, a squirrel!", run, run, run, "Cool, I found a quarter!", run, run run,
"Check out the surf!", run, run, run, "Thirsty, gotta find some water!", run, run run, "Another squirrel!!", run, run, run, "Hungry, time for lunch!" I have come to the conclusion that I have exercise induced attention deficit disorder.

Day 10 of Ironman- 3 1/2 hour ride, 30 minute run
Day 11- 1:45 run, 1 hour bike
Day 12- Masters swim, 30 minute run

Friday, January 09, 2009

No BcS

Along with his love for shave ice, this is yet another reason why I voted for this man. He will lead us to great things.

Day 7 of Ironman-AM Masters swim, PM easy 20 minute run
Day 8- PM- core work at the gym, Moderate run 1 hour, 45 minutes at 145HR
Day 9- Am Masters, PM- easy spin 1 hour, 1 leg drills.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

One Big Ring

The Wanger forwarded me this picture this morning and all I can say is that is one big cookie. Back in the day, Jurgen Zack geared up a triple with a 63 big ring during his Hawaii Ironman career. While everyone else was spinning out during the descent from Hawi, Jugen would be cranking away on his 63. Of course he would be totally fried for the run so I suppose his overall race strategy may be a little suspect.

Day 5 of Ironman- Easy day, AM masters swim, PM 20 easy run
Day 6- AM- easy run 45 minutes, Lunch- core and lower body at the gym, PM- 1.5 hours Bike, 15 minutes at 130 HR, 15 minutes at 135, 15 minutes at 140, 15 minutes at 145.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Lucky Dogs

What ever happened to Michael Vick's dogs? Here is a story from SI that will start the year off on a feel good note.

Day 4 of Ironman- Run 40 minutes easy, ride 2.5 hours working on spinning

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Funny Lady

Marci on her way to an age group victory in '91 Nationals

Who's one of my all time favorite triathletes? Paula Newby? Mark Allen? No, it's Santa Barbara's own Marci Steelman. Marci hasn't raced in quite a few years but in her heyday she was a national age group champ and pro rookie of the year. I usually run into Marci a couple times a year, and usually, after having three kids, she is attempting some sort of comeback. So I was surprised and pleased to see Marci at our early morning run workout. Marci is a crack up. You never know what is going to come out of her mouth. So why is she so high on my all time list? Being funny scores big points with me, and, Mark Allen has the sense of humor of a potato.

Day 2 of Ironman- AM swim masters, PM- easy 45 minute run
Day 3- AM run workout, 6x 1/2 mile hill repeats, probably 11 miles total, keeping HR below 150.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Day One

I am not sure what got in to me but last spring I signed up for Ironman Couer d'alene. Today was my first day of my six month buildup. And so it goes.
Bike- 1:40, with one leg drills
Run- easy 30 minutes