Friday, September 01, 2006

More Thoughts

Some more thoughts on Ironman... For me I have always enjoyed the journey of preparing for an Ironman race. The race itself is almost secondary. This year I had a bit of a detour with the passing of my mother, but in a way, the long days alone training gave me an opportunity to cope in my own way. I really had no expectations going into race day. I have found that in an Ironman race you just take what the day gives you, no more or no less. Suprisingly this was one of the easiest Ironman races for me physically. I was happy with my results. Next year is the 25th anniversary for IMC. Organizers say they are going to open the race up to 3,500 people! I think that is absolutely crazy. Needless to say, I won't be back. I am a bit disappointed in how corporate Ironman has become. It has lost a lot of its original appeal for me. I am not sure what my next big challenge will be. Maybe I'll work on that 200 fly.